Island surrounded by water with a tree in the middle and sky train connecting both sides


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ClassicalPixel Island

ClassicalPixel Island houses one of the most prestigious music school in the universe, only a handful of the most visionary composers of our time can ever attend. So far on this mysterious island we have only uncovered just 5 areas from performance arts square to the mystical forest of Liden.


Something is looming in the shadow... secretly watching over the musical island.

The legend

There are a series of instruments, made with the rarest materials by a line of legendary instrument makers hundreds of years ago. While some have been lost, some still exist today, but no one really knows who or where they could be... Rumour has it that these instruments, can only be performed by the most virtuosic performers. Coupled with the perfect composition, they can be so powerful in changing one’s emotions, their powers feared by many if they fall into the wrong hands.