Trailer of Classical Pixel NFT

CryptoComposers is an NFT project by ClassicalPixel.

Bringing to life unique digital collectibles of pixel composers - Beethoven, Mozart, Bach, Chopin and more -  living on the Ethereum blockchain. They're known for their quirky personalities and unbeatable musical talent.

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Why is ClassicalPixel so special?

Unlike many others, ClassicalPixel was not born out of NFT, it's an on-going project loved by its community who share a love of music, pixel art, humour and games. The characters are filled with unique personalities that will fill your day!

First Drop!?

The first drop will feature one of our favourite composers of all time. Join our Discord here & follow us on Twitter for the latest info!

If you do love them, follow us on Instagramfor all the coolest animations, we have over 4k community there!

Collection 01:
Beethoven Halloween Costume Party!

"Beethoven (Bae) has been invited to a Halloween costume party, and he is having a hard time figuring out what to wear! "

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